Area Rug Cleaning in Salisbury, New York

Area rugs and oriental rugs give a room a nice touch of color and pattern. They brighten up a room and give it a cozy touch while protecting your floors. Your rugs will, however, collect dirt from foot traffic, food particles, and pets. At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Salisbury NY, we offer the best professional area rug cleaning services in Salisbury, New York for residential and commercial clients.

How Often Should You Look for Professional Rug Cleaning in Salisbury?

Most people ask how often they should clean their area rug? The answer to this question depends on the area rug location. If the rug is in a high-traffic area, you should clean it more often. However, it is advisable to deep clean your area rugs when they are visibly dirty. It helps them last longer.

How Do We Clean Area Rugs?

How to clean an area rug depends on the material of the rugs you have. Some rugs like antique rugs, Persian rugs, and oriental rugs are more sensitive and need special attention to avoid damages while cleaning. That is where Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Salisbury NY comes in to offer professional rug cleaning services.

Professional Rug Cleaning Techniques

Our professionals use different rug cleaning techniques depending on the material of your rugs. We provide only the best rug cleaning techniques to our clients for the best results. Some of them are:

  • Steam cleaning/ hot water extraction
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Encapsulation

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common professional rug cleaning technique. This rug cleaning technique uses hot water that is applied to the carpet fibers at high pressure. A vacuum is used to extract the water after cleaning, hence, the name hot water extraction.

Dry Cleaning

Commonly known as dry carpet cleaning, dry cleaning is best for those clients who do not want to have wet rugs despite needing to deep clean their rug. After applying an absorbent compound on the rug, using a mechanical brush; vacuum the rug using a professional-strength vacuum cleaner.


This has been the most used rug cleaning technique for heavy-duty rugs. The process has, however, advanced over time. This rug cleaning technique involves the application of a lathering substance with a brush machine on the rugs. A vacuum is used to remove the shampoo and dirt. The rug is then given time to dry.


In this rug cleaning technique, synthetic foam is applied to the rug using a brush machine. The lather forms crystals that encapsulate the dirt. The powder crystals are vacuumed, carrying the dirt with them. This method is preferred as it takes less time to dry and does not leave a residue. Its disadvantage is that it is not used on deeply soiled area rugs.

At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Salisbury NY, we offer both offsite and onsite rug cleaning services. If the customer has an acceptable place for our cleaning team to set up and a direct water supply for our machine, we can clean the area rugs at their place. If these facilities are not available, we carry the rug to our facility and return them to the customer after cleaning.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Salisbury NY is here to offer the best rug cleaning services. Feel free to contact us at 516-500-3485 for estimates for all your professional rug cleaning services. At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Salisbury NY, we have got you covered no matter your rug type.

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